Our Watchlist is a subscription newsletter and associated database that tracks indicators of distress in public Canadian companies - covenant breaches, strategic review announcements, going concern issues, formal liquidation decisions and more.

We also report certain publicly available distress indicators for private companies: class action certifications, operating licence suspensions, large government fines and mass layoffs.

Examples of companies we have alerted subscribers to in 2023 include:

  • GreenSpace Brands Inc. (CCAA filing April 6, 2023. First reported on Watchlist on February 1, 2019)

  • Field Trip Health & Wellness Inc. (CCAA filing March 23, 2023. First reported on Watchlist on February 28, 2023).

  • Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation (CCAA filing January 26, 2023. First reported on Watchlist on September 26, 2022).


Each month, companies are making announcements that should trigger insolvency professionals to action - decisions to formally liquidate, bondholders threatening action etc. These are prime opportunities being missed if you are not subscribed to the Watchlist.

Be aware of the big filings brewing so you can intelligently discuss them with the relevant lenders and professionals and potentially get your firm brought in.

Know when your own firm's clients are in distress so you can get involved on time. It's a common problem across firms that audit partners and corporate lawyers don't bring in their restructuring colleagues to help their clients, even when necessary. With the Watchlist, you'll have the information to proactively reach out internally.

Lenders and investment bankers: efficiently identify and track distressed Canadian companies looking to complete a transaction, raise capital or refinance.

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