Sam Kotzer Limited, Bankruptcy

Sam Kotzer Limited, a Toronto, Ontario-based wholesale toy retailer and distributor operating as Samko & Miko Toy, assigned itself into bankruptcy on March 22, listing approximately $3.3 million in liabilities, including $2.9 million to Nizza Enterprises.

Started over 60 years ago, the company was a trailblazer in the discount toy industry, known for selling top brand children’s toys and books at unbeatable prices. Its seasonal warehouse sales and travelling pop up stores were a staple in the Canadian toy market for six decades. 

The company attributed its financial difficulties to, among other things, its belief that young children are not playing with traditional toys as often or for as long, opting instead to play on phones and tablets.

Dodick Landau is the bankruptcy trustee. Danbury Global and A.D. Hennick & Associates will be liquidating the inventory.

By: Dina Milivojevic