The OpsMobil Group

The OpsMobil Group, a Calgary, Alberta-based group of oilfield service companies that provides energy, aviation and construction services, filed for protection under the CCAA on July 10. Although the OpsMobil Group's primary assets are aircraft and aircraft support facilities, it has been focused on transitioning to value added services through its asset management solutions. By nature of its business, the OpsMobil Group's revenues are dependent on the expenditures of oil and gas producers, which have been depressed since 2014. In 2015, Third Eye Capital purchased the $5.3MM debt owed by OpsMobil to BMO for $3.8MM. After paying its own legal fees in addition to Third Eye and BMO's legal fees, OpsMobil was only left with $42.0M to prepare an aircraft fleet for the 2016 season, which was grossly inadequate. OpsMobil was able to negotiate and enter into a payment plan with the CRA for amounts owing at the time; however, it eventually missed the third payment and discovered that its line of credit had been restricted due to a lower than expected borrowing base calculation. As a result of the missed payment, CRA issued an enhanced garnishment of OpsMobil's revenue and accounts. Throughout early 2016, OpsMobil was continuously deprived of funds that were required for its daily operations due to its borrowing base restrictions and CRA's garnishment. By late June 2018, the group was served with a receivership application by Third Eye, which led to it filing for protection under the CCAA. During these proceedings, the OpsMobil Group will receive $1.4MM in interim financing from Third Eye. EY was appointed monitor. Gowling WLG is counsel to the company.