Go-For Industries Inc., NOI

Go-For Industries Inc., a Toronto, Ontario-based company operating as a tech-enabled last mile delivery facilitator for oversized and bulky items, filed an NOI on March 20.

Go-For employs 62 employees and engages 240 drivers as independent contractors. It has recently faced significant cash constraints as a result of, among other things, a buildup of outstanding accounts payable, several litigation settlements that have been levied against it and other business expenditures.

Go-For is in default of its obligations to its senior secured lender, Trinity Capital Inc. (owed $13.2 million), which has refrained from enforcing its debt and agreed to provide a DIP loan in the NOI proceedings.

KSV is the proposal trustee.

Counsel is Bennett Jones for Go-For, Aird & Berlis for the proposal trustee, Cassels for Trinity Capital and Fasken for I2BF Global Adventures.

By: Dina Milivojevic