2203284 Ontario

2203284 Ontario, which owns real property located at 98 James Street South in Hamilton, Ontario that was to be developed into a 30-storey residential condominium known as The Connolly, was placed in receivership on June 22, 2017 on application by DUCA Financial Services Credit Union, owed approximately $5.0MM. The court-appointed receiver, msi Spergel (ICIN), had attempted to retrieve the company's books and records by contacting its director, Luigi Santaguida, but was unsuccessful. Attempts to contact Santaguida's lawyer, Lawrence Zimmerman, were also unsuccessful. A year later, on June 22, 2018, the receiver brought a motion for an order requiring Santaguida and Zimmerman to give it access to the property and for an order directing certain individuals to provide the receiver with access to the company's records. Counsel is Devry Smith Frank for the receiver, Simpson Wigle for DUCA and Moldaver Barristers for the company.