Surface Heat Treat & Coatings

Surface Heat Treat & Coatings, a Hamilton, Ontario-based specialty heat treater and applier of wear resistant coatings to metals for use in the automative, nuclear, oil, mining and agricultural industries, filed an NOI on June 15, listing $1.5MM in liabilities, with majority of that amount owing to BDC. The company's long-term financial pressures have been exacerbated by the serious health problems suffered by the principal, director and sole shareholder of the company, John Abrahamse, over the last three years. Without an effective and consistent management of day-to-day operations, the company's liquidity position deteriorated significantly during this period. The court has approved a stalking horse marketing and sales process for the company's assets. The company has already received a binding offer from Rampart Steel Treat Treating (the "Stalking Horse Purchaser") for substantially all of its assets. The offer from the Stalking Horse Purchaser will stand as a stalking horse offer against which all other offers received during the sale process will be evaluated. A. Farber & Partners is the proposal trustee. Counsel is Torkin Manes for the company, Aird & Berlis for the proposal trustee, Miller Thomson for BDC and Frederikse Law for the Stalking Horse Purchaser.

Syrion Corporation

Syrion Corporation, a Toronto, Ontario-based research and development company, had its property municipally known as 61 Balmoral Avenue,Toronto, Ontario placed in receivership on June 14 on application by Owemanco Mortgage Holding Corporation, owed approximately $2.2MM. In 2017, Ontario Wealth Management Corporation, a related entity to Owemanco, agreed to fund a construction loan to the company for a three-story single-family dwelling. The loan has been in financial default since May 2018, and the company is unable to continue construction on the property or sell the property as is. Rosen Goldberg was appointed receiver. Counsel is GSNH for the applicant and DJD Law and Morganti & Co. for the company.

PE Consulting

PE Consulting, a Richmond, British Columbia-based company whose primary asset is land having the civic address 2791 Highview Place West Vancouver, British Columbia, was placed in receivership on June 8 on application by G. Powroznik Group, in its capacity as trustee of the bankrupt estate of Jizhe (Mary) Yang, the sole director and shareholder of PE Consulting. In November 2015, Yang and her husband, Samuel Zhu, were together found liable for over $20.0MM USD for fraud conducted against Zhu's former employer, Prima Technology (details HERE). G. Powroznik Group was appointed receiver. Counsel is Burns Fitzpatrick for the applicant.

Best Option Staffing Solutions

Best Option Staffing Solutions (also known as B.O.S.S.), a Brampton, Ontario-based full service staffing agency providing staffing solutions to the transportation, manufacturing and warehousing sectors, filed an NOI on April 27, listing $2.0MM in liabilities. The company had retained the services of a purportedly licensed accountant to do its accounting, including statutory filings with CRA. In the summer of 2017, CRA requested and completed an audit as a result of what appeared to be unusually high Input Tax Credits ("ITCs") reported on the company's HST filings. The audit resulted in an increase in HST payable of approximately $2.0MM for the period of January 2014 to March 2017. It is alleged that the accountant manipulated the sales and ITCs on the HST returns filed with CRA, artificially reducing the company's liability compared to what it was presented. Surplus funds were believed to have been kept by the accountant. BDO is the proposal trustee. Speigel Nichols Fox is counsel to the company.

Gemini Corporation (TSX-V: GKX)

Gemini Corporation (TSXV: GKX), a Calgary, Alberta-based professional services firm that provides multi-disciplined engineering, field and environmental services for energy and industrial facilities, was placed in receivership on April 19 on application by ATB Financial. FTI Consulting was appointed receiver. Counsel is Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer for the applicant and DLA Piper for the company.

Royer Developments 2015

Royer Developments 2015, an Edmonton, Alberta-based company specializing in excavation, site preparation and site remediation, filed an NOI on March 19, listing $3.6MM in liabilities, including $1.4MM to CRA. MNP is the proposal trustee.

Whitemud Mechanical

Whitemud Mechanical, an Edmonton, Alberta-based mechanical contractor, filed for bankruptcy on March 19, listing $2.1MM in liabilities. MNP is the bankruptcy trustee.

Web Mechanical Services

Web Mechanical Services, an Edmonton, Alberta-based company that provides HVAC and plumbing maintenance and repair services, filed for bankruptcy on March 9, listing $6.2MM in liabilities, including $2.4MM to Alberta Treasury Branch. BDO is the bankruptcy trustee.