1908736 Ontario Limited (fka Cole Engineering Group Ltd.) and CEG Partners Inc.

1908736 Ontario Limited (fka Cole Engineering Group Ltd.) and CEG Partners Inc., two Markham, Ontario-based companies that provide specialized advisory, consulting, and engineering solutions, filed for bankruptcy on March 26. Cole Engineering Group Ltd. lists approximately $2.2 million in assets and $3.7 million in liabilities, including $2.4 million to Mohsen Mortada. CEG Partners Inc. lists approximately $2,231 in assets and $1.0 million in liabilities. Farber is the bankruptcy trustee.

Watershed Solutions Inc. (“WSI”)

Watershed Solutions Inc. (“WSI”), a British Columbia-based consulting firm, was placed in receivership on February 19 on application by Street Quality Entertainment Ltd. (“SQE”), owed approximately $5.9 million. Prior to COVID-19, WSI, which had offices in Victoria, Toronto, and New York, consisted of a co-working division and consulting division to its core business. However, the co-working division ceased operations prior to the receivership appointment due to various pandemic-related indoor working rules and protocols. Between 2015 and 2017, SQE made advances totaling $4.0 million to WSI under a loan agreement. Although SQE initially agreed to forbear on enforcement when the agreement came to term in 2018, it has recently concluded it is no longer prepared to continue to forbear on its enforcement and has demanded full repayment of WSI's indebtedness. However, WSI is unable to repay SQE as it is out of cash. It is the intention of the receiver to continue operations of the consulting division given that there are still existing contracts. SQE's hope is that the receiver will also run a SISP for WSI and that this process will generate some recovery under the loan agreement. Grant Thornton was appointed receiver. Counsel is DLA Piper for the applicant and Lawson Lundell for the receiver.

Services Clean d’Oeil Inc.

Services Clean d'Oeil Inc., a Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec-based cleaning services company for residential and commercial buildings, serving notably clients in the hotel industry, filed an assignment in bankruptcy on February 8, 2021. In 2019 and 2020, the company acquired material and equipment to develop an expertise in commercial laundry services to be offered to its clients in the hotel industry. The recent pandemic and downturn in the hotel industry forced the company to cease its operations at the beginning of 2021. PwC was appointed bankruptcy trustee. Counsel is McCarthy Tétrault for CIBC, the secured lender, and Langlois Avocats for the trustee.

Tradesmen Enterprises Limited Partnership (“TELP”)

Tradesmen Enterprises Limited Partnership ("TELP"), a Calgary, Alberta-based limited partnership that provides general mechanical contracting and pipeline construction, assembly, and maintenance throughout Western Canada — along with its general partner, Tradesmen Enterprises Inc. (together with TELP, "Tradesmen") — filed NOIs on February 1. Tradesmen lists approximately $47.7 million in liabilities and $52.5 in assets. Until January 11, 2021, Tradesmen's principal contract was for the construction of a water management project for Teck Coal Limited (the "Project"). The Project was massively over budget, with the final projected cost of completion being more than four times the original budget of $32.0 million. In the course of Tradesmen's work on the Project, Teck Coal Limited also consistently delayed payment, which had a negative impact on Tradesmen's cash flow and its ability to pay subcontractors. Teck Coal Limited, which currently owes Tradesmen approximately $50.0 million, purported to terminate the contract on January 11, 2021. As a result, Trademen's only alternative was to seek court protection by filing the NOIs. KSV Restructuring is the proposal trustee. Counsel is Bennett Jones for the proposal trustee, Lawson Lundell for Tradesmen, and BLG for BMO, the senior lender.

Allied Track Services Inc.

Allied Track Services Inc., a Grimsby, Ontario-based provider of railroad construction, maintenance, and signal services throughout Canada, filed an NOI on January 21. The principal purpose of the restructuring proceedings is to create a stabilized environment to allow the company to enter a transaction for the sale of its business and assets through a “stalking horse” sale and investor solicitation process. KSV Advisory is the proposal trustee. Counsel is Bennett Jones for the company, Blakes for the proposal trustee and Chaitons for the DIP lender.

Unique Restoration Ltd.

Unique Restoration Ltd., which was engaged in the business of building maintenance and restoration services for multi-unit residential, commercial, and industrial projects primarily in British Columbia and Ontario, filed an NOI on January 4, listing approximately $10 million in liabilities, including a combined amount of approximately $5 million owing to RBC and VGNA Holdings Inc. The company's insolvency was caused in part by a prime contractor's failure to pay the company's invoices on a large renovation project, a stop work order issued by Worksafe BC on the project and litigation brought by the prime contractor against the company related to same. On January 28. the company filed materials in connection with a stay extension motion returnable February 3. However, on February 3, RBC sought and was granted an order appointing Fuller Landau as receiver. Counsel is Aird & Berlis for RBC and Minden Gross for the receiver. Counsel to the company in the NOI proceedings was Rory McGovern PC. Crowe Soberman was the proposal trustee.

EzTix Event Ticketing Inc.

EzTix Event Ticketing Inc., a Vancouver, British Columbia-based company that provides ticketing solutions to event organizers around the world, filed an NOI on November 30 and a proposal to its creditors on December 29. The company lists approximately $1.1 million in liabilities. McEown and Associates is the proposal trustee.

Fossil Water Corporation

Fossil Water Corporation, a Calgary, Alberta-based company that provides water treatment consulting services and supplies custom-built modular water treatment systems primarily for the oil and gas industry, was adjudged bankrupt on November 19 on application by RBC, owed approximately $585.5 thousand. The company has ceased to meet its liabilities as they become due as the indebtedness to RBC remains entirely unpaid and there appear to be multiple outstanding judgments registered against the company. Grant Thornton is the bankruptcy trustee. McMillan is counsel to the applicant.

Nauss Pluming & Heating Inc.

Nauss Pluming & Heating Inc., a Sudbury, Ontario-based plumbing company, was placed in receivership on November 13 on application by CIBC, owed approximately $1.1 million. Last November, the parties entered into a settlement agreement pursuant to which the company consented to the appointment of MNP as receiver unless it fully repaid its indebtedness by January 10, 2020. The company failed to do so and counsel for the parties attended a hearing in January to appoint the receiver. However, the application was adjourned to permit a motion to be brought to enforce the alleged settlement action. However, various scheduling conflicts and COVID-19 shutdown measures had resulted in the motion being adjourned until further notice. MNP was appointed receiver. Gowling WLG is counsel to the applicant.

D’Amani Stucco Solutions Inc.

D’Amani Stucco Solutions Inc., a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based company that provides exterior stucco finishing for residential and commercial buildings, filed an NOI on August 13, listing approximately $1.9 million in liabilities, including $670.0 thousand to Adexmat Inc. The Bowra Group is the proposal trustee. W Law Group is counsel to the company.