RJ Burlington Inc.

RJ Burlington Inc., a Burlington, Ontario-based indoor trampoline park and franchisee of Rockin' Jump International, filed for bankruptcy on September 3, listing approximately $2.5 million in liabilities. Albert Gelman is the bankruptcy trustee.

Swizzlesticks Enterprises Inc.

Swizzlesticks Enterprises Inc., a Calgary, Alberta-based salon and spa, filed for bankruptcy on August 25, listing approximately $1.3 million in liabilities. PwC is the bankruptcy trustee.

William Peak Co-Operative Homes

William Peak Co-Operative Homes, a social housing property located at 1990 Whites Road, Pickering, Ontario, was placed in receivership pursuant to the Housing Services Act on July 22 on application by the Regional Municipality of Durham. An auditor's management letter issued in January 2020 noted significant deficiencies in the internal controls of the co-op's finances, including those related to conflicts of interest, financial statement accuracy, housing charges arrears and control over credit cards. In response, the municipality, as the designated service manager, appointed Deloitte as interim receiver in February 2020. Deloitte reported several areas of concern, including payments to parties related to board members, payments to contractors where payments were not commercially reasonable, credit card purchases using the co-op's card that did not appear to reflect legitimate expenses and potential misappropriation of housing charge payments. In June, the Region determined that a court-appointed receivership was required to finish stabilizing the co-op's operations and locate and train new members to become the co-op's new board of directors. Deloitte is the receiver. Blaney McMurtry is counsel for the receiver.

1001 Broadview Avenue Inc.

1001 Broadview Avenue Inc., a company that owns a pre-construction proposed 10-storey mixed use condominium development located in Toronto, Ontario, was placed in receivership on July 21 on application by Centurion Mortgage Capital Corporation ("Centurion"), owed approximately $8.1 million. The purpose of Centurion's loan was to refinance an existing mortgage to provide the company time to complete the zoning amendment and site approval required for the proposed development. To date, the development has stalled and the company has not yet commenced construction or gone to market to sell any units. BDO was appointed receiver. Counsel is Robins Appleby for the applicant and Adair Goldblatt Bieber for the company.

Upwood Park & Salvador Del Mundo Co-operative Homes

Upwood Park & Salvador Del Mundo Co-operative Homes, a social housing property located at 298 Queens Drive, North York, Ontario, was placed in interim receivership pursuant to the Housing Services Act on July 16. BDO was appointed interim receiver by the City of Toronto and is tasked with stabilizing the operations of the co-op.

Fitz’s Mobile Welding Inc.

Fitz's Mobile Welding Inc., a Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and Labrador-based company that provides welding and fabrication services, was deemed bankrupt on July 15 after creditors rejected its proposal. The company listed approximately $2.5 million in liabilities, including $230.4 thousand to CRA.

Camilla Court Homes

Camilla Court Homes, the registered owner of two properties in Mississauga, Ontario municipally known as 2371 Camilla Road and 180 Mateo Place, was placed in receivership on July 2 on application by C&K Mortgage Services Inc., owed approximately $2.6 million. Rosen Goldberg was appointed receiver. Dickinson Wright is counsel for the applicant.

GFA World

GFA World, a Hamilton, Ontario-based Christian non-profit organization that is focused on raising donations in Canada which can be used to fund charitable works in South Asia, obtained protection under the CCAA on June 26. The decline in donations, which comprises the organization's primary source of revenue, has been caused by the COVID-19 crisis as well as the negative publicity caused by various class action proceedings commenced against Gospel for Asia, another Christian charity related to GFA World. In 2017, a class action was commenced against Gospel for Asia alleging financial impropriety. Subsequently, donations to the organization declined by approximately 18%. In 2019, a settlement of the class action was approved, in which Gospel for Asia agreed to pay $37.0 million (USD) without any admission of wrongdoing. In February 2020, a new class action claiming $170.0 million was commenced in Nova Scotia against the organization and Gospel for Asia alleging fraudulent misrepresentation and improper use of donated funds. Without the protection of a CCAA proceeding, the organization's ability to attract donations and conduct its charitable works will be greatly diminished. PwC was appointed monitor. Goodmans is counsel to the company.

New Tecumseth Land Corporation

New Tecumseth Land Corporation, a company owning real property located at 6485 14th Line, Alliston, Ontario, was placed in receivership on June 1 on application by FirstOntario Credit Union, owed approximately $6.5 million. Spergel (GRIP) was appointed receiver. Flett Beccario is counsel for the applicant.

Eagle Q Partners Inc.

Eagle Q Partners Inc., a Vancouver, British Columbia-based company founded by Chris Jin, was placed in receivership on May 26 on application by Hong Liu and Meng Rui Li. The applicants allege that it is unclear what the company's business is other than having advanced considerable sums of money to the Westside Preparatory School (the "School"). Both the company and Jin, a former director of the Westside Preparatory Society — the not-for-profit society which governs the School — have been the subjects of various lawsuits, including an action against Jin alleging fraud, deceit, and fraudulent misrepresentation. These civil actions and the company's mismanagement have caused operating problems for the School, which owes the company approximately $4.1 million. In light of such circumstances, it appears the assets over which the applicants have security are at risk of being dissipated. Multiple actions have been commenced by the company's creditors and the applicants allege that Jin appears to be taking steps which may compromise the company's assets. FTI was appointed receiver. Fasken is counsel to the applicants.