Premium Liquid Labs Inc.

Premium Liquid Labs Inc., a Burnaby, British Columbia-based manufacturer of electronic cigarette liquids under the Premium Labs was placed into bankruptcy on September 17, on application by EsmokerCanada Inc., owed approximately $2.6 million. BDO is the bankruptcy trustee. Harper Grey is counsel for the applicant.

Plus Products Inc.

Plus Products Inc., a Vancouver, British Columbia-based parent company of a branded cannabis-infused edible manufacturing enterprise (the "Plus Group"), obtained CCAA protection on September 13. The company itself has limited assets and operations, but is the Plus Group's primary vehicle for raising debt and equity in the capital markets. It is a reporting issuer in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, and is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol "PLUS" and the OTC Market Group in the US under the symbol "PLPFT". The operating subsidiaries hold licences that permit them to manufacture, distribute and sell the Plus Group's products in California and Nevada. The Plus Group has significant funds on hand - likely sufficient to continue operating in the ordinary course until about February 2022. However, there is currently no expectation that the Plus Group will be able to generate sufficient revenue or raise additional funds to make the interest payments due under certain unsecured convertible debentures or to continue to meet its liabilities beyond that date. PwC was appointed monitor. Counsel is Blakes for the monitor and Fasken for the company.

Artex Systems Inc.

Artex Systems Inc., a Concord, Ontario-based manufacturer of architectural precast wall panels for buildings primarily in the United States, including large-scale condominiums and public use buildings, filed an NOI on September 1, listing approximately $1.4 million in liabilities. The company experienced severe cash flow problems arising from deteriorating market conditions, as well as a confluence of cash demands on several concurrent projects. As a result, the company fell behind on its payments to creditors, government payroll remittances, as well as its obligations to TD, its primary secured lender. The company's sole project at this time is in Manhattan. The company has projected that if it completes this project and can collect outstanding holdbacks from other jobs, it will have sufficient funds to fully repay the outstanding priority source deduction obligations, its indebtedness to TD, as well as repay a significant portion of its unsecured debt. Spergel (GRIP) is the proposal trustee. Weisz Fell Kour is counsel for the company.

Cococo Chocolatiers Inc.

Cococo Chocolatiers Inc., a Calgary, Alberta-based manufacturer and retailer of artisanal chocolates, was placed in receivership on August 18 on application by Panterra Mortgage & Financial Corporation ("Panterra"), owed approximately $10.7 million. Despite Panterra's demand for repayment, the company has not paid and continues to fail to pay its indebtedness. The court also approved a sales process for the company's assets and approved Panterra's credit bid, which will serve as a stalking horse bid in the sales process. Deloitte was appointed receiver. Counsel is Dentons for Panterra and Torys for the receiver.

Skyline 2 Productions Inc.

Skyline 2 Productions Inc., an Ontario and BC-based film production company that produced the series "Ed Quinn Vs.", was placed in interim receivership on August 17 on application by The Forest Road Company ("FRC"), owed aaproximately $1.4 million (USD) pursuant to a loan which is secured by both a GSA and the assignment of certain tax credits. FRC had agreed to advance the loan on the basis that the company was entitled to and would receive tax credits from the British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit and Canadian Federal Production Services Tax Credit. In accordance with the terms of the loan, the company assigned the tax credits and their proceeds to FRC. The loan has now come due and the company has failed to repay the loan. Furthermore, despite the fact that the tax credits and their proceeds were assigned to FRC, the company has failed to provide any information regarding the status of the tax credit proceeds to FRC. As a result of the company's various breaches and defaults under the terms of the loan and the lack of cooperation from its management, FRC has lost trust and confidence in the company. MNP was appointed interim receiver. Miller Thomson is counsel to the applicant.

Metropolitan Ice Cream Inc.

Metropolitan Ice Cream Inc., a Toronto, Ontario-based manufacturer of all natural ice creams and fresh fruit ices for Toronto restaurants, hotels, and retailers, filed for bankruptcy on August 10, listing approximately $159.4 thousand in liabilities, including $103 thousand to TD. Dodick Landau is the bankruptcy trustee.

La Granaudière

La Granaudière, a Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec-based wood pellet production plant, was placed in receivership on August 5 on application by Investissement Québec ("IQ") and Desjardins, owed approximately $37.3 million pursuant to various term credits and an $8 million loan that was extended to the company under the ESSOR Program, which provides limited-time support for the working capital of eligible companies. The company's operations are not profitable, with the selling prices of pellets dropping below the cost of production. In July, the company advised IQ and Desjardins that it no longer has the liquidity required to continue operations. Raymond Chabot was appointed receiver. Counsel is Norton Rose Fulbright for the company, Lavery for IQ, and Langlois for Desjardins.

Solo GI Nutrition Inc.

Solo GI Nutrition Inc., a Kelowna, BC-based producer of low glycemic energy bars and snacks, filed for bankruptcy on July 13, listing approximately $44.3 thousand in assets and $1.8 million in liabilities, including $541 thousand to RBC and $261.9 thousand to Economic Trust Southern Interior ("ETSI"). The company incurred net operating losses for the years ending June 2019 and June 2020. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's manufacturer ceased operating, which further exacerbated the company's existing financial problems. In February, RBC and ETSI each issued demand letters to the company. MNP is the bankruptcy trustee.

Nationwide Manufacturing Limited

Nationwide Manufacturing Limited, a Toronto, Ontario-based manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronic products, filed an NOI on June 30. In March 2020, the company began winding down its operations, including terminating all employees and gradually liquidating all assets. Dodick Landau is the proposal trustee. Counsel is WeirFoulds for the proposal trustee.

Certus Automotive Inc. and Keen Point International Inc.

Certus Automotive Inc. and Keen Point International Inc., which provide engineering, manufacturing, and distribution services with respect to specialized chrome plating products for the automotive industry, were placed in receivership on June 25 on application by TD, owed approximately $10.3 million (CAD) and $7.4 million (USD). The companies operate their business through a group of 12 companies known as the "Certus Automotive Group", with facilities located in Ontario, Michigan, Texas, China, Mexico, and Germany. The companies incurred significant and unexpected costs, losses, delays, and quality control problems associated with the construction and initial operations of the plant located in Mexico. Despite being granted a forbearance agreement by TD, the companies have repeatedly defaulted under this agreement and have also failed to close either a financing or sale of their assets. In November 2019, the companies entered into loan arrangements (the "FGI Loan") with FGI Worldwide LLC ("FGI"). In connection with the FGI Loan, TD agreed to subordinate its security interest against the companies' assets and properties to FGI, except as against certain machinery and equipment. TD has lost confidence in the companies and is especially concerned about the developments surrounding the Mexican plant. Deloitte was appointed receiver. Counsel is Miller Thomson for the applicant, Bennett Jones for the companies, Dentons for the receiver, and Blakes for FGI.