12411300 Canada Inc.

12411300 Canada Inc., which operates two medical clinics located in Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario called Erin Mills Health & Wellness, was placed in receivership on July 22, on application by Triple-I Capital Partners Inc., owed approximately $6.9 million. The company has defaulted on various terms of the Triple-I loan, including by failing to repay the loan on the maturity date, allowing over $50,000 of tax arrears to accrue, and granting a subsequent $2 million charge on the real property from which it operated without Triple-I's prior consent. The company also appears to have abandoned the real property and ceased operations. Crowe Soberman was appointed receiver. Counsel is Scalzi Professional Corporation for Triple-I, Atkinson Law for the company and Miller Thomson for the receiver. By Dina Milivojevic

Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. a Vancouver, British Columbia-based biopharmaceutical company conducting research in prescription pharmaceuticals, and its parent company Medipure Holdings Inc., each filed an NOI on May 11. At the time of the filing, the companies' secured and unsecured creditor, SHP Capital, LLC, had an outstanding bankruptcy application against the companies, which was to be heard on May 13. Deloitte is the proposal trustee. Counsel is Boughton Law for the companies and Bennett Jones for SHP Capital. By Dina Milivojevic

Laserpro Med Spa Inc. (“Laserpro”)

Laserpro Med Spa Inc. (“Laserpro”) filed an NOI on April 11. Laserpro has been providing laser and skincare treatment since 1999 and is based out of Mississauga, Ontario. Due to various provincially mandated shutdowns during COVID-19 pandemic, medical issues suffered by the director and lack of filing and payments to CRA, Laserpro identified the need to seek a settlement with its creditors. BDO is the proposal trustee. By Dina Milivojevic

The Institute of Wellness and Advanced Aesthetics Ltd., 1608309 Alberta Ltd., Mount Royal Surgical Centre Inc.

The Institute of Wellness and Advanced Aesthetics Ltd., 1608309 Alberta Ltd., Mount Royal Surgical Centre Inc., a group of Calgary, Alberta-based companies that collectively operated a plastic surgery clinic, were placed in receivership on April 1. BMO extended credit facilities to the companies in 2019. As at March 2, the clinic was indebted to BMO for $2,246,056.33 plus interest, costs and legal fees. A&M was appointed receiver. Counsel is Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer for BMO. By Dina Milivojevic

ChronoMétriq Inc. and Health Myself Innovations Inc.

ChronoMétriq Inc. and Health Myself Innovations Inc., Montreal, Quebec-based companies in the healthcare sector, each filed an NOI on October 26, collectively listing approximately $9.2 million in liabilities, including approximately $3.2 million of tax debt and approximately $2.9 to CIBC. ChronoMétriq, which operates under the trade name Pomelo Health, provides various software platforms to assist clinics, hospitals and governments with services which include online appointment booking and management of queues. Health Myself Innovations was acquired by ChronoMétriq in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020. It operates an online portal to enable patients and service providers to interact online and interacts with electronic medical records. The purpose of the NOI proceedings is to facilitate a going concern sale through a SISP. Richter is the proposal trustee. Counsel is Miller Thomson for the companies, McCarthy Tétrault for the proposal trustee and Chaitons for CIBC.

Southmount Healthcare Centre Inc.

Southmount Healthcare Centre Inc. and certain affiliated companies (collectively, the "Debtors"), which together owned and operated seven medical office buildings and a parking lot across Ontario, were placed in receivership on June 29 on application by American General Life Insurance Company, Lexington Insurance Company and The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (collectively, the "Applicants"), owed approximately $68 million. In 2016, the Debtors owned three medical office buildings. The Applicants advanced a loan to the Debtors in the principal amount of $70 million to allow the Debtors to purchase four more medical office buildings and a parking lot and to refinance the three buildings that were already owned. The Debtors have failed to make a payment under the loan since December 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. KPMG was appointed receiver. Counsel is Blakes for the Applicants, Norton Rose for the receiver and Weisz Fell Kour for the legal owners of the properties.

Spartan Bioscience Inc.

Spartan Bioscience Inc., an Ottawa, Ontario-based innovative DNA diagnostics company that conducts molecular testing for medical infectious disease, environmental monitoring, and animal diagnostics, had its NOI proceedings continued under the CCAA on June 21. After market introduction, the company's testing device showed a higher than previously observed incidence of returning "inconclusive" results than its clinical trials. Due to these technological challenges, the company faced significant near-term financial pressure, owing in large part to its efforts to ramp up manufacturing and build product inventory to supply the test kits as quickly as possible. This, combined with not being able to ship and bill for its COVID-19 test product, put the company in a working capital shortage and rendered it insolvent. To address its liquidity crisis, the company filed an NOI on April 5 pursuant to the BIA. The company has now sought to continue the NOI proceedings under the CCAA. EY is the monitor. Counsel is Norton Rose for the monitor, Dentons for the company, Vincent Dagenais Gibson for certain shareholders of the company, and Lenczer Slaght for the directors of the company.

Réseau Dentaire Inc.

Réseau Dentaire Inc., a Montreal, Quebec-based dental company, filed an NOI on June 17, listing approximately $9.5 million in liabilities, including $9.1 million to Desjardins. MNP is the proposal trustee.

Pulse RX Inc. and Family Pharmacy Clinic Inc.

Pulse RX Inc. and Family Pharmacy Clinic Inc., Woodbridge, Ontario-based companies which carry on business as a pharmacy focusing on servicing long term care and retirement residences, were placed in receivership on June 10 on application by 1951584 Ontario Inc. (dba Maxium Financial Services), owed approximately $1.4 million pursuant to a fixed rate promissory note between the companies and the applicant's predecessor in title, Desante Financial Services Inc. The companies have not made any payments to the applicant since June 2020. MNP was appointed receiver. Counsel is Wilson Vukelich for the applicant and Weisz Fell Kour for the receiver.

O2 Industries Inc.

O2 Industries Inc., a Kitchener, Ontario-based company that designs and sells personal respirators for consumer, healthcare, and military/law enforcement markets, was placed in receivership on May 27. The company has experienced severe financial challenges as a result of declining sales, revenues, and substantial unsold inventory. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic had created substantial demand for personal protective equipment ("PPE"), including masks and respirators. However, the company experienced a drastic decline in sales volumes as consumer demand for PPE peaked and the market became saturated with excess supply. Despite the bridge financing provided by lenders, the company has been unable to to execute on its business plan to attract additional capital from new investors or generate liquidity from the sale of product inventory. As part of the receivership proceedings, the receiver will solicit proposals for a sale of the company's business and assets. RSM Canada was appointed receiver. Goodmans in counsel for the applicant.