Samboro Luggages

Samboro Luggages, a Richmond Hill, Ontario-based distributor and wholesaler of branded travel luggage, was placed in receivership on June 18 on application by HSBC Bank Canada, owed approximately $317.3 thousand (USD) and $2.0 million (CAD). The company assigned itself into bankruptcy on June 9, which constituted an event of default under the company's loan documents with the bank. Farber is the receiver and bankruptcy trustee. TGF is counsel to the applicant.

Evergreen Consumer Brands

Evergreen Consumer Brands, a Brampton, Ontario-based manufacturer and distributor of personal grooming products under brand names such as Daily Defence, Salon Selectives, and Silkience, was placed in receivership on February 13 on application by National Bank, owed approximately $4.4 million. The company, which defaulted on certain obligations under its credit agreement and forbearance agreements with National Bank, retained Alvarez & Marsal to assist it in obtaining replacement financing and to conduct a sale and investment solicitation process for the business ("SISP"). Although negotiations regarding proposals to purchase the business are ongoing, in light of the company's increasingly distressed financial situation, National Bank believes it is appropriate to appoint a receiver to take carriage of the SISP and identify the most favourable offer. Deloitte was appointed receiver. TGF is counsel to the applicant.

CLM Distribution Pool & Spa Products and Lectranator Systems

CLM Distribution Pool & Spa Products and Lectranator Systems, Calgary, Alberta-based pool and spa products distributors, filed for bankruptcy on January 10, respectively listing $3.5 million and $925.1 thousand in liabilities. Grant Thornton is the bankruptcy trustee.

8318085 Canada

8318085 Canada, a Montreal, Quebec-based company which designs, imports and distributes women’s outerwear garments, its main focus being coats, filed an NOI on December 17, listing $10.8 million in liabilities, including $2.1 million to RBC and $1.1 million to Jiangsu Sainty Glorious Trade. Several factors led to the company’s insolvency, including a reduction in sales as well as the introduction of a new software system that resulted in inaccurate reporting of the business’ performance. Although the company is currently still in operation, it must promptly complete its activities related to the spring and winter 2020 seasons - such as booking orders and making purchases - in order to maintain viability. As part of the restructuring, the company will undergo a sale and solicitation process to market the business to potential acquirers, investors, or strategic partners. KPMG is the proposal trustee. Kugler Kandestin is counsel to the company.

CMS Toys/Halloween Alley

CMS Toys/Halloween Alley, an Edmonton, Alberta-based toy distributor and novelty retailer, filed an NOI on December 16, listing $8.1 million in liabilities. The Bowra Group is the proposal trustee.


Motovan, a Montreal, Quebec-based distributor of powersports parts and accessories, obtained protection under the CCAA on December 2. An industry leader for over 30 years, the company expanded outside of Canada in 2015 through the acquisition of US-based Motorcycle Tires & Accessories LLC (MTA). The acquisition has not been successful though. The US company has generated negative EBITDA since its purchase, and the shift in management's focus from the Canadian operations to the integration of MTA negatively impacted Canadian revenues as well. Despite attempts to cut costs and enhance various aspects of its operations, the company remains in breach of its fixed charge coverage ratio with its operating lender, BMO, and it does not have the liquidity to purchase the levels of inventory necessary to support its operations. The company intends to run a sales and investment solicitation process in consultation with its stakeholders while under creditor protection. KPMG is the monitor. Counsel is BCF for the company and Norton Rose Fulbright for the monitor.


Cartise, a Montreal, Quebec-based distributor of women's fashion and apparel, was placed in receivership on October 24 on application by HSBC, owed approximately $1.3 million. Operating for over 40 years, the company sold to various boutiques and other retailers across Canada and the United States. EY was appointed receiver. Davies is counsel for the applicant.

B&W Heat Treating Canada

B&W Heat Treating Canada, a Kitchener, Ontario-based supplier of heat-treating services for customers with aluminum, steel, alloy or metal parts that require heat treatment, was placed in receivership on September 27 on application by Cerberus Business Financial, owed together with certain other lenders approximately US $3.0 million. Until several years ago, the largest and most profitable part of the company's business was processing engine blocks for its main customer, which represented approximately 37% of the company's revenue. In 2015/2016, the customer transferred its business to Mexico, away from the company. As a result of the loss of business, the company has suffered operating losses for several years. Despite attempts to scale back costs, the company was unable to return to profitability and made the decision to sell the business and its assets. A sale process has led to a proposed transaction with Hilco, which will be completed through the receivership. Farber was appointed receiver. Counsel is McMillan for the applicant and Chaitons for the company.

Ican Tile Distributors and Ican Contracting

Ican Tile Distributors and Ican Contracting, two related Burnaby, British Columbia-based companies that operated as a wholesale tile distributor and contractor specializing in tile, granite and marble installation for multi-residential and commercial projects, were adjudged bankrupt on application by RBC on July 9. The bankruptcy orders were stayed and did not become effective until September 9, 2019, when the stay of proceedings was lifted and KPMG was appointed trustee. Poulsen & Company is counsel for the applicant.

Flexcavators Canada

Flexcavators Canada, a Calgary, Alberta-based distributor of innovative excavation equipment and accessories, filed for bankruptcy on June 17, listing $487.0M in liabilities, including $115.6M to BDC. Grant Thornton is the bankruptcy trustee.

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