Main Infrastructure Ltd., Kstone Investment Corporation and 2666492 Ontario Ltd.

Main Infrastructure Ltd., Kstone Investment Corporation and 2666492 Ontario Ltd., Vaughan, Ontario-based construction companies, were placed in receivership on July 21, on application by RBC. RBC holds judgments against the companies and their principal totaling an aggregate of $1,203,337.25 plus accruing interest and costs on a substantial indemnity scale. The judgments also provide for possession of the personal property of the companies pursuant to the GSA held by RBC. Main Infrastructure and Kstone have continued to operate, but Main Infrastructure has accumulated HST arrears in excess of $860,000.00. Grant Thornton was appointed receiver. Counsel is Flett Beccario for RBC and RAR Litigation for the companies. By Dina Milivojevic

Fossil EPC Ltd.

Fossil EPC Ltd., which owned and operated an engineering, procurement, construction and management company out of Nisku, Alberta, made an assignment in bankruptcy on March 16, listing approximately $1.3 million in liabilities, including approximately $950,000 to CRA. The Bowra Group is the bankruptcy trustee.

Pirate Industries Ltd. and Pirate Excavating Ltd.

Pirate Excavating Ltd., a Vancouver Island-based excavating and landscaping company, and Pirate Industries Ltd., a holding company which leased construction equipment to Pirate Excavating Ltd., each filed an assignment in bankruptcy on January 18. Crowe MacKay is the bankruptcy trustee. RBC holds first charge against all present and after-acquired property of the companies. It appointed BDO as receiver pursuant to its security on or about January 31, 2022. By Dina Milivojevic

Construction TCB Inc.

Construction TCB Inc., a Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, Quebec-based construction company, filed for bankruptcy on November 11, listing no assets and approximately $12,000 in liabilities. Mallette is the bankruptcy trustee.

North American Steel Erectors Inc.

North American Steel Erectors Inc., a Cochrane, Alberta-based company that provides steel erector contracting and other services to large construction projects, was placed in bankruptcy on July 29 on application by BNS, owed approximately $1.8 million. The company also owes $2.4 million to Roynat Inc. and $1.2 million to the CRA. At the time of the bankruptcy, the company had three open contracts - one in Alberta and two in Ontario. It attributes its financial difficulties to a project for the supply of steel on a 9th Avenue bridge project in Calgary which is currently the subject of litigation. MNP is the bankruptcy trustee and has determined that there is no economic benefit to complete any of the three open contracts. Counsel is McMillan for BNS, Ramsay Legal Counsel for the company, Thompson Dorman Sweatman for Exact Detailing Ltd and Caron & Partners for the bankruptcy trustee.

L’Univers du Modulaire Inc.

L'Univers du Modulaire Inc., a Sherbrooke, Quebec-based general contractor filed an NOI on July 12, listing approximately $6.7 million in liabilities, including $3.9 million to the Business Development Bank of Canada. Among other services, the company provides general contracting services in connection with the construction of modular houses and complexes. MNP is the proposal trustee.

Bel-Habitat Inc. and Bel-Habitat 2 Inc.

Bel-Habitat Inc. and Bel-Habitat 2 Inc., Laval, Quebec-based construction companies, filed for bankruptcy on June 28, respectively listing $26.0 million and $14.7 million in liabilities. Bel-Habitat Inc. owes $1.5 million to the Bank of Canada and Bel-Habitat 2 Inc. owes $5 million to Gestion Yves Carbonneau et fils Inc. and $5 million to Stratégie S.I.M.A Inc. Raymond Chabot is the bankruptcy trustee.

0751380 B.C. Ltd. dba Sunshine Contracting

0751380 B.C. Ltd. dba Sunshine Contracting, a Terrace, BC-based construction company, was placed in receivership on June 22 on application by TD, owed approximately $185 thousand. The company lists $168.1 thousand in assets. BDO was appointed receiver. Harper Grey is counsel to the applicant.

P7 Construction Ltd. (“P7 Construction”) and 1619904 Alberta Ltd. (“161 Alberta”)

P7 Construction Ltd. ("P7 Construction") and 1619904 Alberta Ltd. ("161 Alberta") were placed in receivership on May 21 on application by BDC, owed approximately $7.0 million. In February 2015, BDC approved a loan to P7 Construction in connection with its development of a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Bonnyville, Alberta. 161 Alberta, which operates the hotel, guaranteed payment of the loan. P7 Construction has been in default of the loan since March 24, 2020, and in November 2020, BDC and its counsel demanded payment. BDO was appointed receiver. McLennan Ross is counsel to the applicant.

Model Panel Manufacturing Ltd.

Model Panel Manufacturing Ltd., an Edmonton, Alberta-based construction company, was adjudged bankrupt on May 7 on application by TNT MPM Holdings Inc. EY is the bankruptcy trustee. Miller Thomson is counsel to the applicant.