Sunniva Inc. (CNE: SNN)

Sunniva Inc. (CNE: SNN), a Vancouver, British Columbia-based development stage business that has been developing facilities for the cultivation, processing, and distribution of raw cannabis flower and cannabis-based products — along with its subsidiaries — obtained protection under the CCAA on October 9. The company's financial distress is caused primarily by cost overruns and construction delays regarding its primary business asset, a leasehold interest in an under-construction cannabis cultivation facility in California. In November 2018, the company announced its strategic decision to focus corporate resources on developing the company's business in California and began liquidating its Canadian assets. The company and its subsidiaries intend to liquidate what remains of their Canadian assets and advance the business in California. On June 22, the British Columbia Securities Commission and Ontario Securities Commission each issued a cease trade order in respect of the company's shares. The company, which has unsecured debts in excess of $58.0 million, is currently seeking an extension of the stay period so that the relief will continue until November 27. Alvarez & Marsal was appointed monitor. Counsel is BLG for the companies and Cassels Brock for the monitor.

Lift & Co. Corp. and Lift & Co. Ltd. (TSX:LIFT)

Lift & Co. Corp. and Lift & Co. Ltd. (TSX:LIFT), the Toronto, Ontario-based cannabis events and marketing firm behind the "Canadian Cannabis Awards", filed for bankruptcy on September 17, collectively listing approximately $9.8 million in liabilities, including $5.5 million to Gotham Green Fund 1, LP. This filing follows the company's failure to reach a deal with its debt holders regarding the sale of its consumer and trade marketing divisions, the proceeds of which would have been used to grow the company's marketing operations. Currently, the company does not have the working capital necessary to repay the amount owing on its $3.5 million secured convertible debentures or to continue carrying on its business. PwC is the bankruptcy trustee.

PharmHouse Inc.

PharmHouse Inc., a licensed cannabis producer with an operating facility in Staples, Ontario, obtained protection under the CCAA on September 15, listing approximately $170.9 million in liabilities and $187.7 million in assets. Since August, the company has relied on $1.2 million in funding from Canopy Rivers Corporation ("Rivers") to meet its immediate cash needs. In order to establish its operating facility, increase its cannabis production capabilities, and grow its business, the company has expended significant resources to date, including funds from equity and debt financing. As a result, the company has now exhausted its cash on hand, including its $90.0 million non-revolving credit facility. Absent urgent additional funding and a restructuring of its business, the company will face an immediate cessation of its operations. Although Rivers has advised that it is no longer willing to provide the company with funding on an unsecured basis, it will be providing DIP financing during the CCAA proceedings. EY was appointed monitor. Counsel is Bennett Jones for the company, BLG for the monitor, and Cassels Brock for Rivers.

Tidal Health Solutions Ltd.

Tidal Health Solutions Ltd., a Montreal, Quebec-based cannabis producer with a facility in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, filed an NOI on July 30, listing approximately $17.9 million in liabilities. The company, which has had significant operating losses for the past several years, attributes its financial difficulties to the significant start-up costs of building its facility, delays in obtaining a licence, much lower growth rate in the cannabis market than anticipated, and difficulty accessing financing for Canadian cannabis companies. Furthermore, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting delay in launching Ontario retail stores, initial purchase commitments from Ontario were significantly disrupted. Iostesso Holdings will be providing up to $1.0 million in interim financing during these proceedings. PwC is the proposal trustee. McCarthy Tétrault is counsel to the company.

Beleave Inc. (CSE:BE, OTCQX:BLEVF)

Beleave Inc. (CSE:BE, OTCQX:BLEVF), a licensed producer and seller of cannabis and cannabis related products, along with certain affiliates (collectively, the "Beleave Group"), obtained protection under the CCAA on June 5, listing over $18.0 million in liabilities. The Beleave Group, which sells to five Canadian provinces, has experienced negative cash flow since its inception. In particular, it spent significant resources to construct and expand the processing capacity at its production facility in Hamilton, Ontario. Although the Beleave Group has pursued a number of strategic initiatives to improve its financial position, certain of these initiatives have been unsuccessful, including efforts to sell its cannabis licence. Unless CCAA proceedings are implemented, the Beleave Group will not be able to continue operating. The Beleave Group intends to commence a stalking horse sale process in order to sell its assets and operations for the benefit of its creditors and other stakeholders. Grant Thornton was appointed monitor. Counsel is Miller Thomson for the Beleave Group and Fasken for the monitor.

Destiny Bioscience Global Corp.

Destiny Bioscience Global Corp., a Nisku, Alberta-based cannabis genetics and tissue culture research and development company — along with its subsidiaries — were placed in receivership on May 22 on application by Synergy Projects (Destiny) Ltd. and Synergy Projects Ltd. The Bowra Group was appointed receiver. DLA Piper is counsel to the companies.

Green Growth Brands Inc., GGB Canada Inc., Green Growth Brands Realty Ltd. and Xanthic Biopharma Limited (collectively, the “GGB Group”) (GGB:CNX),

Green Growth Brands Inc., GGB Canada Inc., Green Growth Brands Realty Ltd. and Xanthic Biopharma Limited (collectively, the "GGB Group") (GGB:CNX), a cannabis enterprise that is licensed to grow, process and sell cannabis in various US jurisdictions, obtained protection under the CCAA on May 20, listing over $100.0 million (USD) in liabilities. The GGB Group, which was funded through equity and debt, has always been cash flow negative. Commencing in early 2019, the Group began to experience liquidity issues. These problems were compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the GGB Group was forced to indefinitely suspend its business selling CBD-infused consumer products. All Js Greenspace, one of GGB Group's existing secured lenders, will be providing up to $7.2 million (USD) in DIP funding during these CCAA proceedings. EY was appointed monitor. Counsel is Stikeman Elliott for the companies, Osler for the monitor, and McMillan for All Js Greenspace.

Muskoka Grown

Muskoka Grown, a Bracebridge, Ontario-based craft cannabis company, filed an NOI on May 5, listing approximately $15.5 million in liabilities, including $2.2 million to RBC. The company, which has been cash flow negative since its inception, is currently operating at unsustainable monthly losses and has reached the limit of its revolving operating loan with RBC. In addition, the lack of brick-and-mortar stores in Ontario as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic hindered up-front sales from the Ontario Cannabis Store and led to the company needing to sell its cannabis through the wholesale market at lower margins. Based on cash availability, the company is currently unable to pay for the testing and certification required to sell dried cannabis; pay its employees; and fund general overhead expenses of the business. Without additional funding and protection from its creditors, the company will have no choice but to immediately cease operations. Arthur Zwingenberger, owed approximately $5.2 million in outstanding mortgage loan principal and interest, supports the NOI proceeding and has agreed to provide up to $4.0 million in DIP financing to the company. Farber is the proposal trustee. Bennett Jones is counsel to the company.

James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation (TSX:JWCA)

James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation (TSX:JWCA), a Kitchener, Ontario-based licensed cannabis producer focused on producing clean cannabis using a proprietary aeroponic platform called GrowthSTORM, obtained protection under the CCAA on April 1, listing approximately $41.0 million in liabilities. Since its inception, the company has been cash flow negative and has relied on equity and debt financing for funding. The company now requires additional funding after it expended significant resources to expand its cannabis production and processing capacity as part of a strategy to achieve profitability. During the CCAA proceedings, Trichome Financial will be providing DIP financing. KSV was appointed monitor. Counsel is Davies for the monitor, Torys for Trichome, Bennett Jones as the company's insolvency counsel and DLA Piper as the company's corporate counsel.

CannTrust Holdings (TSX:TRST)

CannTrust Holdings (TSX:TRST), a cannabis producer in Canada with production and processing facilities in Fenwick and Vaughan, Ontario, along with its subsidiaries CannTrust, CTI Holdings (Osoyoos) and Elmcliffe Investments, obtained protection under the CCAA on March 31. Following regulatory audits of the company's facilities in June and July 2019, Health Canada determined that the company was growing and storing cannabis contrary to applicable laws. Subsequently, Health Canada suspended the company's licences so that it can no longer propagate new batches of cannabis. Multiple putative securities class actions were also commenced in Canada and the US against the company, seeking aggregate damages of at least $500.0 million. Despite efforts to address Health Canada's findings and concerns by implementing a remediation plan, the company has had no revenue since July 2019 and recent global developments - including an oil price shock and the COVID-19 pandemic - have made it even more difficult for the company to attract new financing or strategic partners. EY was appointed monitor. FTI is the Chief Restructuring Officer of the companies. Counsel is McCarthy Tétrault for the companies, Aird & Berlis for the monitor, and Goldman, Spring, Kichler & Sanders for CannTrust Holdings.

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