November 15, 2022

Filing Type:

Company Counsel: Pallett Valo

Trustee: BDO

Trustee Counsel: TGF

Applicant: Avena Foods Limited

Applicant Counsel: Davies



Westoak Naturals Inc., an Ontario-based company, was placed in receivership on November 15, on application by Avena Foods Limited, owed approximately $1.4 million. Pursuant to an asset purchase and supply agreement, Avena sold the rights to distribute certain gluten-free oats and oat products under the brand name “Only Oats” to the company. The company has defaulted on its obligations under that agreement. BDO was appointed receiver. A stalking horse sales process was approved on the same day the receivership order was made. Counsel is Davies for Avena, Pallett Valo for the company, TGF for the receiver and Miller Thomson for Manuel Sabares.

By Dina Milivojevic