September 21, 2021

Filing Type:

Company Counsel: Aird & Berlis

Trustee: Deloitte

Applicant: Coldpoint Holdings Ltd.

Applicant Counsel: TGF



Trinity Centres Cambridge, a single-purpose organization formed to acquire and manage real property located at 15 Wellington Street in Cambridge, Ontario, had a receiver appointed over its property on September 21, on application by Coldpoint Holdings Ltd., owed approximately $1.8 million. The company is jointly controlled by River City Christian Reformed Church, which is the primary tenant of the real property, and Trinity Centres Foundation. Deloitte was appointed receiver. Counsel is TGF for Coldpoint, Weintraub Erskine Huang for River City Christian Reformed Church, Aird & Berlis for Graham Singh and Trinity Centres Foundation, Teplitsky Colson for Peter Elgersma and Crawley McEwan Brush for the company.