November 26, 2019

Filing Type:

Company Counsel: Blaney

Trustee: Crowe Soberman

Trustee Counsel: Stikeman Elliott



Trade Secret Web Printing, a Toronto, Ontario-based printing company, filed an NOI on November 26, listing approximately $12.0 million in liabilities, including $1.3 million to CRA and $1.4 million to Clifford Paper. Prior to the NOI filing, a related party advanced approximately $2.0 million to the company to take out the secured debt owing to BMO. The same party will be advancing a DIP loan and acting as the stalking horse bidder in the company's upcoming sale process. Crowe Soberman is the proposal trustee. Counsel is Blaney for the company, Stikeman Elliott for the proposal trustee and Chaitons for Clifford Paper.