May 28, 2020

Filing Type:

Trustee: KPMG

Applicant: HSBC Canada



Q'Max Solutions Inc., a Calgary, Alberta-based oilfield services provider, along with its affiliates (collectively, the "Q'Max Group"), were placed in receivership on May 28 on application by HSBC Canada, as administrative agent for a syndicate of lenders (the "Agent"), owed approximately $145.4 million (USD) and $1.2 million (CAD). The syndicate is currently comprised of HSBC, BMO, BDC, Export Development Canada, and HSBC USA. In recent months, the business of the Q'Max Group has been negatively impacted by depressed oil and natural gas pricing and a corresponding reduction in rig and drilling activity. Such negative impacts were exacerbated by public health restrictions in response to COVID-19. KPMG was appointed receiver. Norton Rose Fulbright is counsel to the Agent.