October 11, 2018

Filing Type:

Company Counsel: Clark Wilson

Trustee: FTI Consulting

Trustee Counsel: Cassels Brock



Purewal Blueberry Farms, one of North America's largest blueberry farms, located in Pitts Meadow, British Columbia, filed for protection under the CCAA on October 11, listing approximately $17.8MM in liabilities, including $4.8MM to the Receiver General for Canada and $1.1MM to Netpak Paper & Packaging. The company already filed an NOI on April 30 but needs additional time to complete a sale process. Along with the initial CCAA order, the court granted an order approving a stalking horse agreement of purchase and sale. FTI Consulting was discharged as proposal trustee and appointed monitor under the CCAA proceedings. Counsel is Clark Wilson for the company and Cassels Brock for the monitor.