June 10, 2021

Filing Type:

Trustee: MNP

Trustee Counsel: Weisz Fell Kour

Applicant: 1951584 Ontario Inc. (dba Maxium Financial Services)

Applicant Counsel: Wilson Vukelich



Pulse RX Inc. and Family Pharmacy Clinic Inc., Woodbridge, Ontario-based companies which carry on business as a pharmacy focusing on servicing long term care and retirement residences, were placed in receivership on June 10 on application by 1951584 Ontario Inc. (dba Maxium Financial Services), owed approximately $1.4 million pursuant to a fixed rate promissory note between the companies and the applicant's predecessor in title, Desante Financial Services Inc. The companies have not made any payments to the applicant since June 2020. MNP was appointed receiver. Counsel is Wilson Vukelich for the applicant and Weisz Fell Kour for the receiver.