April 22, 2021

Filing Type:

Company Counsel: McLeod Law

Trustee: Alvarez & Marsal

Trustee Counsel: Torys

Applicant: RBC

Applicant Counsel: Cassels



People Express Transport Ltd., a Calgary, Alberta-based trucking and transportation company, was placed in receivership on April 22 on application by RBC, owed approximately $10.7 million. Back in February 2021, RBC had sought the appointment of a receiver over the company's property and assets. However, the application was adjourned in order to allow the parties to negotiate an arrangement under which the company was given time to find refinancing and RBC would have access to additional reporting and transparency into the company's business affairs. During this period, Alvarez & Marsal was appointed as private monitor (the "Monitor") in order to obtain and analyze a variety of information on the company's affairs. However, RBC alleges that the company failed to fully comply with the Monitor's diligence and documentation requests and, although it has had adequate time and opportunity to obtain alternate financing, it has not done so. In addition, RBC expressed its concern that the company was not acting in good faith and was diverting receivables out of RBC's control to accounts that the company holds with other banks. Alvarez & Marsal was appointed receiver. Counsel is McLeod Law for the company, Torys for the receiver and Cassels for the applicant.