August 24, 2018

Filing Type:

Trustee: A. Farber & Partners

Applicant: Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation



Niska North, a Chapleau, Ontario-based company that carries on business as a sawmill manufacturing cedar lumber products, was placed in receivership on August 24 on application by Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, owed approximately $2.1MM. The company ran into business difficulties in 2008 almost immediately after it purchased a sawmill plant formerly owned by Domtar, citing unfavourable market conditions and lack of profitability. In December 2010, the company completely ceased operations, shutting down the sawmill and laying off all its staff. While the company's manager has made several efforts over the last seven years to find a buyer, they have been unsuccessful and the sawmill is currently abandoned. The court approved a sales process for the sawmill and appointed A. Farber & Partners as receiver.