December 27, 2021

Filing Type:

Trustee: EY


LTL Management LLC, a North Carolina company and an indirect subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, a global provider of health care products, had its US Chapter 11 proceedings recognized under the CCAA on December 17. The company was created in 2021 as part of a corporate restructuring to hold certain assets and all of the claims in respect of JOHNSON's Baby Powder, which is the subject of multiple class action lawsuits relating to the use of talcum in its production. The company's only assets in Canada are funds held by its legal counsel. EY was appointed information officer. Canadian counsel is Blakes for the company, Cassels for the information officer, Osler for Bausch Health Companies Inc., Miller Thomson for the Official Committee of Talc Claimants, and TGF for Rochon Genova LLP in its capacity as lawyers to Cindy Lou Strathdee, et al.