October 24, 2019

Filing Type:

Trustee: BDO

Applicant: CIBC

Applicant Counsel: Minden Gross



Le Bon Croissant, a Mississauga, Ontario-based manufacturer and distributor of baked goods, was placed in receivership on October 24 on application by CIBC, owed approximately $2.5 million. Producing croissants, breads, and frozen baked goods such as garlic bread for large private label brands such as Weston Group and Sobeys, the company was transferred to the bank's special loans group in early October. Soon after, the company's principal advised that he had decided to exit the business and that, absent an immediate cash injection, the company was not viable and could not continue to operate. He further advised that he would be leaving on October 19 for a two and a half week cruise in the Mediterranean and was prepared to "hand over the keys" to CIBC, if CIBC so desired. Demands were promptly made and BDO was appointed receiver. Minden Gross is counsel for the applicant.