September 20, 2018

Filing Type:

Trustee: PwC

Trustee Counsel: McLennan Ross

Applicant Counsel: Field Law



Hillview Park Condominium, a 214-unit townhouse-style condo complex located in Fort McMurray, Alberta that is one of the biggest rebuilds after the May 2016 wildfire, was placed under administration on September 20 on application by the owners of the condo corporation. Homeowners were supposed to be back in their homes by February 2018, but significant delays on the rebuild arose. Builder Viceroy Construction was removed from the project and subsequently filed a lawsuit against the condo corporation, alleging its contract was wrongfully terminated. The condo corporation filed a counter lawsuit alleging that Viceroy was negligent in ensuring work was free from defects and completed on time. PwC, who was appointed administrator, will take charge of the reconstruction project, with duties to review and assess proposed payments, monitor the reconstruction budget and manage the litigation commenced by or against the condo corporation. Counsel is Field Law for the applicant, McLennan Ross for the administrator, Witten for TD, BMO, RBC and CIBC, Duncan Craig for Genworth and BNS, Lintott Law for Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company, Guardian Law for certain owners and BLG for CMHC.