April 23, 2020

Filing Type:

Company Counsel: Camelino Galessiere

Trustee: msi Spergel (GRIP)

Applicant: Canadian Equipment Finance & Leasing ("CEFL")

Applicant Counsel: Aird & Berlis



Eveley International Corporation, a Stoney Creek, Ontario-based company that manufactures and sells undercarriage components for vehicles, was placed in interim receivership on April 23 on application by Canadian Equipment Finance & Leasing ("CEFL"). In April, as a result of the company being substantially behind on rent payments to 256 Ontario Inc., it was locked out of its leased premises. In response to this lockout and the subsequent cessation of the company's business, CEFL sent the company a demand letter and notice of intention to enforce security. msi Spergel (GRIP) was appointed interim receiver. Counsel is Aird & Berlis for the interim receiver, GSNH for the applicant, Camelino Galessiere for the company, and Chaitons for 256 Ontario Inc.