November 2, 2020

Filing Type:

Trustee: MNP



Curexe Inc., a Toronto, Ontario-based company that provides online payment processing services to merchants operating in a variety of sectors and industries, was placed in liquidation on November 2 on application by SmartPay Inc. ("SmartPay"), which owns all of the issued and outstanding shares of the company. Pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding, the company pays SmartPay the net fees received from its clients in return for SmartPay providing all of the "back room" services required for the company to provide services to its clients. Around June, the company's deposit accounts with Luminus Financial Services & Savings Credit Union Limited ("Luminus") were inexplicably frozen and, as a result, the company has been unable to carry on business in the ordinary course. SmartPay believes it is in the best interests of the company's clients to liquidate the company so that the funds held by Luminus can be distributed in an orderly fashion. MNP was appointed liquidator. Gowling WLG is counsel to the applicant.