August 4, 2022

Filing Type:

Trustee: D. Manning & Associates

Applicant: Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

Applicant Counsel: Owen Bird Law Corporation



Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc., a Nanaimo, British Columbia-based clean energy company, was placed in receivership on August 4, on application by Vancouver City Savings Credit Union. In 2005, the company entered into a development agreement with the Regional District of Nanaimo pursuant to which the company was permitted to construct and operate a facility to harvest methane gas, convert it to electricity which was ultimately sold to third parties including BC Hydro. The company's business was interrupted by labour shortages and material and equipment servicing delays in early 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Parts and servicing required for each of the company's two generators are not currently available due to supply chain delays. The company defaulted on its loan to Vancouver City Savings Credit Union and was unable to repay the loan following the expiry of the demand letters. D. Manning & Associates was appointed receiver. Counsel is Owen Bird Law Corporation for Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.

By Dina Milivojevic