December 11, 2020

Filing Type:

Company Counsel: Miller Thomson

Trustee: Grant Thornton

Trustee Counsel: Cassels Brock



Cambridge Group Inc. (the "Group"), which is comprised of three boutique health clubs in downtown Toronto — the Cambridge Club, the Adelaide Club and the Toronto Athletic Club — obtained protection under the CCAA on December 11, listing approximately $7.0 million in liabilities, including $2.0 million to BNS. Since March, the three clubs have remained temporarily closed. Despite sweeping cost cutting measures, the elimination of a substantial portion of the Group's revenue for almost nine months has resulted in a financial strain that cannot continue on the current path. For the period from March to August, the Group's revenues were approximately 83% below projected revenues for that period. In addition to financial difficulties resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group is currently facing litigation and threats of litigation. It is forecasted that the Group will not have sufficient funds after January 4, 2020 and, as such, will not be able to make the term loan payment to BNS due in January. Grant Thornton was appointed Monitor. Counsel is Miller Thomson for the Group, Cassels Brock for the Monitor, and Harrison Pensa for BNS.