October 20, 2020

Filing Type:

Trustee: Deloitte



Butternut Manor Uxbridge Inc., the owner of Butternut Manor, an Uxbridge, Ontario-based retirement home, had a sales officer appointed over its assets and business on October 20 on application by Parmantid Inc., Smiling Pond Inc. and Carol Coleman-Trotter. The company is owned by The Butternut Partnership, which is in turn owned by Parmantid Inc. (51%) and 2180366 Ontario Limited (49%). The application involves a partnership dispute in which 2180366 Ontario Limited is alleged to have, among other things, caused the company to default on its first mortgage and arranged a second mortgage with an alleged fraudster. Deloitte, the sales officer, is authorized to distribute the proceeds of any sale of the retirement home to First National Financial GP Corporation, which is the first ranking secured creditor, owed $6.8 million on the first mortgage. Counsel is Paris & Company for the applicants, Blaney McMurtry for First National, Levy Zavet for 2180366 Ontario Limited and Gowling WLG for the sales officer.