December 6, 2021

Filing Type:

Trustee: Rosen Goldberg

Trustee Counsel: Dickinson Wright

Applicant: Dorr Capital

Applicant Counsel: Blaney McMurtry



665-671 Sheppard Avenue West Ltd., the owner of four adjoining parcels of land comprised of four unoccupied single family homes with frontage on Sheppard Street in Toronto (the "Mortgaged Property"), had a receiver appointed on December 6, on application by Dorr Capital, owed approximately $8.1 million. The proposed development on the Mortgaged Property is a five-storey residential building with 56 units. The company defaulted on its interest-only payments to Dorr Capital and allowed a lien to be registered on title to the Mortgaged Property. Rosen Goldberg was appointed receiver. Counsel is Blaney McMurtry for Dorr Capital and Dickinson Wright for the receiver.