September 1, 2022

Filing Type:

Trustee: msi Spergel

Trustee Counsel: Fogler, Rubinoff

Applicant: TD Bank

Applicant Counsel: Harrison Pensa



2580363 Ontario Inc., which operated as a restaurant known as “Aout ‘n About” from premises located in Hamilton, Ontario, and 2580361 Ontario Inc., which owned the premises, were placed in receivership on September 1, on application by TD Bank, owed approximately $1.4 million. The companies have defaulted on the terms of the credit facilities provided by TD Bank, including by failing to make payments when due; allowing arrears of property tax to become due to the City of Hamilton; and allowing charges to be registered on title to the premises, subsequent to the TD Bank mortgage, in favour of Olympia Trust Company, Comfort Capital Inc. and Alex Magis. msi Spergel was appointed receiver. Counsel is Fogler, Rubinoff for the receiver and Harrison Pensa for TD Bank.

By Dina Milivojevic