Grabhers Last Stand Bison Ranch

Grabhers Last Stand Bison Ranch, a Dawson Creek, British Columbia-based bison ranch, was placed in receivership on February 3 on application by the Bank of Nova Scotia, owed approximately $6.6 million. After the corporation defaulted under its loan agreements with BNS, BNS made demands for repayment of amounts owed under these agreements. To date, the corporation has failed to make any payments. BNS further alleges that the corporation withheld relevant information when applying for credit, and that the corporation engaged in uncooperative and potentially fraudulent conduct. For example, while the corporation's profit and loss statement for January - September 2019 indicates revenue generated of approximately $1.8 million, this amount was not deposited into the corporation's account with BNS. Furthermore, the corporation sold 430 heads of bison to a related corporation without informing BNS or receiving its consent for the transfer of assets. Deloitte was appointed receiver. MLT Aikins is counsel to the applicant.

Dean Myers Chevrolet

Dean Myers Chevrolet, a North York, Ontario-based car dealer, was placed in receivership on February 12 on application by RBC, owed approximately $9.2 million. An audit conducted by RBC in January 2020 revealed that the company had been selling vehicles without remitting the required repayments to RBC from the sale proceeds as required under its floor plan financing agreement. As of February, the amount of funds improperly withheld from RBC is estimated to be $2.7 million. Deloitte was appointed receiver. Counsel is Aird & Berlis for the applicant and Loopstra Nixon for the company.

Strategic Oil & Gas (TSX-V: SOG)

Strategic Oil & Gas (TSX-V: SOG), a Calgary Alberta-based junior oil and gas company, along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Strategic Transmission, had its CCAA proceedings transitioned to a court-appointed receivership on January 28. In early January 2020, the company approached the Alberta Energy Regulator ("AER") with its high level plan of compromise and arrangement to exit the CCAA proceedings. The plan called for, among other things, a payment of $5.0 million to the Orphan Well Association ("OWA") in respect of certain assets the company was seeking to have abandoned and a proposed dividend of $0.10 on the dollar for the company's trade creditors, owed an estimated $10.6 million. In mid-January, the AER notified the company that it was not supportive of the proposed plan. In response, the company advised that it had no further options with respect to a restructuring and planned to wind up its operations and transition its assets to the OWA through a court-appointed receivership. KPMG was appointed receiver of the company's Alberta assets. Alvarez & Marsal is the receiver of the company's assets in the Northwest Territories. Counsel is Dentons for the company, Torys for KPMG, Bennett Jones for GMT Capital, a secured debenture holder and Cassels Brock for the Government of the Northwest Territories.

AAA Windows and AAA Holdings

AAA Windows and AAA Holdings, two related Calgary, Alberta-based corporations, were placed in receivership on January 27 on application by Canadian Western Bank ("CWB"), owed approximately $4.7 million. While AAA Holdings effectively operates as a real estate holding company with title to a building located in Calgary (the "Property"), AAA Windows operates from leased space on the Property as a supplier, manufacturer, and installer of windows and doors. The overall downturn in Calgary's economy during the last several years has negatively impacted AAA Windows' business and cash flow. The court granted CWB's application for a pre-pack sale of both companies' assets. Hardie & Kelly was appointed receiver. Counsel is Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer for the applicant and Parlee McLaws for the receiver.

PrimeCARE Health Clinics

PrimeCARE Health Clinics, Alberta-based healthcare providers with medical clinics in Calgary, Grand Prairie, and Carstairs, were placed in receivership on January 14 on application by ATB Financial, owed approximately $7.4 million. ATB had advanced funds to the companies pursuant to various commitment letters. The companies committed several defaults under these letters, and since May 2019, ATB has been negotiating with them to enter a forbearance agreement. However, the parties were unable to agree to the agreement prior to the clinics ceasing operations, and subsequent events led ATB to conclude that it was not prepared to provide further funding to the companies to continue the operation of their clinics. ATB was advised by the companies that they had removed $2.0 million from the business to be invested in real estate ventures, including a quadplex in Calgary and a failed development in Nigeria. When ATB asked for the details of these transactions to be provided as part of the proposed forbearance agreement, the companies failed to do so. These transactions caused ATB serious concern and were one of the primary causes of the companies' liquidity issues. EY was appointed receiver. MLT Aikins is counsel to the applicant.

Sle-Co Plastics,

Sle-Co Plastics, a St. Thomas, Ontario-based Tier 2 automotive parts supplier operating from real property in St. Thomas, was placed in receivership on January 9 on the motion of RBC, owed CAD $5.6 million and USD $2.3 million. Sle-Co Properties, which owns the St. Thomas property, owes RBC $3.5 million. During 2018, the company consolidated three production locations in London, Ontario into the one St. Thomas property. Cost overruns in preparing this new facility, re-location costs, operational issues on start-up, and the conclusion of a major contract all negatively impacted the company's financial position. In September 2019, Sle-Co Properties entered into an agreement of purchase and sale for the sale of the St. Thomas property to a third party, to be leased back to the company on certain conditions. The agreement eventually lapsed and the two companies were unable to obtain re-financing. On November 5, the company filed an NOI and BDO was appointed proposal trustee. The companies attempted to restructure their affairs through the sale of all or a portion of their assets, including the St. Thomas property. Based on the outcome of this sales process, the company determined it would not be able to file a viable proposal. Accordingly, the company will be deemed bankrupt after January 18, and a receiver will be required to complete the sales process initiated by the company. BDO was appointed receiver. Counsel is Harrison Pensa for RBC, Advocates for the companies, and Aird & Berlis for the receiver.

Sudbury Regional Hearing Services

Sudbury Regional Hearing Services, a privately-owned corporation that owns and operates hearing clinics in northern Ontario, and which was amalgamated with Bruserfactory (collectively, the "Debtor"), was placed in receivership on January 7 on application by Sivantos, a supplier and lender owed approximately $3.0 million. The Debtor, which did not provide Sivantos with advanced notice of its amalgamation, is in default of its obligations to Sivantos under their loan agreement. BDO was appointed receiver. Weaver, Simmons is counsel to the applicant.

Waves E-Gaming

Waves E-Gaming, a North York, Ontario-based e-sports facility connecting gamers across the country and bringing e-sports tournaments to audiences and players around the world, was placed in receivership on December 20, 2019. Dodick Landau was appointed receiver.

DGSTS Services Group

DGSTS Services Group, formally known as DGSTS Group, a British Columbia-based international engineering services company, was placed in receivership on December 20 on application by RBC, owed approximately $419.1 thousand. RBC also received judgment against the company’s guarantor, DGS Technical Services. RBC had granted the company certain credit facilities under a loan agreement. As security for this agreement, the company provided a general security agreement and two mortgages registered on title to commercial property it owned in Ottawa, Ontario. The company failed to fulfill its financial obligations to RBC under the loan agreement, and the guarantor did not make payment on account of its guarantee to RBC. Following service of the Application Record, counsel for the company advised RBC that refinancing would be available within a week. However, as of December 17, RBC has yet to receive a term sheet with proof of financing or any evidence of viable refinancing. Grant Thornton was appointed receiver. Counsel is Lerners for the applicant and Pelech, Otto, Powell & Ketsetzis for the company.

F1rst Auto Rentals +

F1rst Auto Rentals +, a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based car rental company with a fleet of approximately 66 vehicles, was placed in receivership on December 19 on application by BMO, owed approximately $2.1 million. The application was made after it was uncovered that the debtor had ceased operations and had begun liquidating its assets without advising BMO. Grant Thornton was appointed receiver. Counsel is MLT Aikins for the applicant and Dentons for the receiver.

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