Bloom Health Partners Inc. (CSE:BLMH)

Bloom Health Partners Inc. (CSE:BLMH), a healthcare company with a registered address in Vancouver, British Columbia, was placed in receivership on January 3, on application by CPL Investments LLC and Uloo Partners LLC (collectively, the "Sellers"). The company wholly owns Bloom Health Holdings Corp. (the "Buyer"), a Delaware corporation. In June 2021, the Buyer purchased the Sellers' interest in Round Hill Health Partners, LLC for consideration of US$12,250,000. The Buyer has repeatedly failed to make payments owed to Sellers. After granting the Buyer two waivers, the Sellers demanded payment in late October 2022. In November 2022, the company informed the Sellers that the company's board and its interim CEO had resigned, and that it intended to wind down its business. As a result, the Sellers sought the appointment of a receiver to act as the company's management and continue operations until July 31, 2023, so that the company can fulfil its contract to supply COVID-19 testing services to the Texas Department of State Health Services, coordinated with an orderly wind down and sale of redundant assets. BDO was appointed Receiver. Farris is counsel for the Sellers. By Dina Milivojevic

Ratnas Gas Inc. and Ratnas Property Investment Inc. (collectively, “Ratnas”)

Ratnas Gas Inc. and Ratnas Property Investment Inc. (collectively, “Ratnas”), the operator of a Shell gas station in Port Hope, Ontario was placed in receivership on December 21, 2022, on application by National Bank of Canada, owed approximately $2.1 million. Grant Thornton was appointed receiver. TGF is counsel for the applicant. By Dina Milivojevic

9379-8676 Québec Inc. o/a Wilsons Leasing

9379-8676 Québec Inc. o/a Wilsons Leasing, which operates as a buyer and seller of luxury and exotic vehicles, was placed in receivership on December 21, on application by Cole Diamond Family Trust 2018 and Kinetic Café Inc., collectively owed $4 million in loans. The loans were due on October 15, 2022. One day before the due date, the company claimed to have made a wire transfer of $1.7 million to the lenders on account of the loans, but the funds never arrived and the originating bank had no record of the wire transfer. The company has not made any repayment on account of the loans. KSV was appointed receiver. Goodmans is counsel for the applicants and Bennett Jones is counsel for the receiver. By Dina Milivojevic

Brant Instore Corporation

Brant Instore Corporation, a Brampton, Ontario-based company providing a wide range of print solutions to North American retailers, was placed in receivership on December 20, on application by BMO, owed approximately $13 million. 139 people are employed with the company, including 97 unionized workers. Due to challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retailers in recent years, including the rise of e-commerce, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has suffered declining sales and the loss of key customers, resulting in continued financial losses, which, since 2019, total approximately $16 million. KSV was appointed receiver. On the same day, a pre-pack sale of the company's assets, including all or substantially all of the company's employees, to 1000369798 Ontario Inc. was approved. Aird & Berlis is counsel to the receiver, Davies is counsel to BMO, McMillan is counsel to the company and Osler is counsel to the purchaser. By Dina Milivojevic

Geyser Brands Inc.

Geyser Brands Inc., the ultimate parent company of 0957102 BC Ltd. (d.b.a. Apothecary Botanicals) ("095"), which holds a license from Health Canada for the cultivation, processing and sale of medical cannabis, was placed in receivership on December 16, on application by 113 Royal Investments Ltd. ("113"), owed over $1.8 million, plus interest, on a secured basis. Since 2020, 113 has been providing financing to Geyser, which Geyser has used to maintain 095's business. 095 requires cash injections of approximately $70,000 per month in order to remain operating. 113 is not willing to provide financing to Geyser or 095 indefinitely, and wishes to realize on its security. BDO was appointed Receiver. Owen Bird is counsel for 113. By Dina Milivojevic

2244039 Ontario Inc. and 1526400 Ontario Inc.

2244039 Ontario Inc. and 1526400 Ontario Inc., each of which owns and operates a gas station together with ancillary services and a quick service restaurant in Brampton and Caledon, Ontario respectively, were placed in receivership on December 14, on application by 2046245 Ontario Inc., 2222228 Ontario Inc., 2473560 Ontario Inc. and 2473441 Ontario Inc. (collectively, the "Lenders"). The Lenders provided financing in the cumulative amount of $14,550,000 to the companies. The companies have defaulted on their payment obligations under the loans, and owe approximately $15.3 million to the Lenders as at October 21. Albert Gelman was appointed receiver. Keyser Mason Ball is counsel for the Lenders and Mand Rai is counsel for the companies By Dina Milivojevic

2399430 Alberta Ltd. and 2399449 Alberta Ltd.

2399430 Alberta Ltd. and 2399449 Alberta Ltd., which collectively own four properties in Edmonton, Alberta, were placed in receivership on December 13, on application by Mike Priestner Real Estate Inc. and MPRE GP Dev Inc., owed approximately $16.3 million by the companies collectively. In addition to defaulting on the mortgages granted by the applicants, the companies have allowed significant tax arrears to become due and owing on the properties. Since the granting of the mortgages, the companies have only made one global payment of $140,000 towards the indebtedness owing to the applicants, and have made no payments since July 20, 2022. MNP was appointed receiver. Dentons is counsel for the applicants, MLT Aikins is counsel for the companies, McLennan Ross is counsel for the receiver and Blakely & Dushenski is counsel for three individual subsequent encumbrances. By Dina Milivojevic

Changhua Energy Canada Ltd.

Changhua Energy Canada Ltd., a Calgary, Alberta-based oil and gas company, was placed in receivership on December 7, on application by Export Import Bank of China, owed approximately US$53 million. FTI was appointed receiver. Counsel is McCarthy Tétrault for Export Import Bank of China and Caron & Partners for the company. By Dina Milivojevic

Alvaro Developers Inc. et al.

Alvaro Developers Inc. et al., the developers of a residential development comprising 10 townhomes and two condominium units in Calgary, Alberta, were placed in receivership on December 6, on application by Bancorp Financial Services Inc. and certain related entities (collectively, "Bancorp"), owed approximately $4.7 million as at August 19. In 2019, Bancorp advanced a $5.35 million loan to the company as first mortgage construction financing for the development. The company first defaulted on the loan in August 2021, and has since defaulted on a forbearance agreement, including by failing to make payment when due, permitting charges to be registered against the development, permitting substantial property tax arrears to accrue and failing to pay insurance premiums on the development. In September 2022, construction on the development halted. The fencing surrounding the development has been compromised, in part due to the company's failure to pay the fencing company, leading to individuals seeking shelter in the parkade and completed units. There is an accepted offer from 1188716 B.C. Ltd. to purchase the development. However, clear title could not be conveyed without a court order on account of the registered charges. A&M was appointed receiver. Counsel is Torys for the receiver and Fasken for Bancorp. By Dina Milivojevic

Van Vic Isle Construction Ltd.

Van Vic Isle Construction Ltd., a Revelstoke, British Columbia-based general contractor and design builder, had a receiver appointed over certain assets on December 2, 2022, on application by Mitsubishi HC Capital Canada, Inc., owed approximately $1.1 million plus interest and fees as at December 2, 2022. The company has defaulted on its payment obligations to Mistubishi under a credit agreement and subsequent forbearance agreement. Mitsubishi requested that a receiver be appointed over limited property so as to protect its collateral and maintain the status quo through a stay of proceedings while being minimally intrusive to the business, and to enable it to investigate a related party's purported exercise of a distress right. BDO was appointed receiver. Miller Thomson is counsel to Mitsubishi. By Dina Milivojevic