Cross Country Installation & Service

Cross Country Installation & Service, a Toronto, Ontario-based equipment installation and project management company, which provides its installation services to communities all across Canada, filed for bankruptcy on May 8. PwC is the bankruptcy trustee.

2504121 Ontario Inc.

2504121 Ontario Inc., doing business as The Anne Boleyn, a British-style pub in Toronto, Ontario, filed for bankruptcy on April 18, listing $980.9M in liabilities. The pub had only been open since August 2017. BDO is the bankruptcy trustee.

Scholary Book Services

Scholary Book Services, a Toronto, Ontario-based book distributor, filed for bankruptcy on April 18, listing $241.3M in liabilities. Founded in 1980, the company was the exclusive Canadian distributor for over 40 US and UK university presses, providing full-service sales, marketing and order fulfillment in Canada for its publishers. SLF is the bankruptcy trustee.

Harry Chung Enterprises Inc.

Harry Chung Enterprises Inc., a Toronto, Ontario-based company that operated an Aroma Espresso Bar franchise from premises located at 1864 Queen Street East, Toronto, filed for bankruptcy on April 9. Spergel (GRIP) is the bankruptcy trustee.

Unison Construction Management

Unison Construction Management, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based construction company, filed for bankruptcy on April 5. listing $9.2MM in liabilities, including $739.1M to BMO. The company's portfolio of commercial design-build projects include MNP's Vancouver offices at 1021 West Hastings Street. Grant Thornton is the bankruptcy trustee.

Intelligent Engineering (Canada) Limited

Intelligent Engineering (Canada) Limited, an Ottawa, Ontario-based technology company that sold a proprietary structural composite material used extensively in civil, maritime and offshore construction projects, filed for bankruptcy on April 4, listing $4.3MM in liabilities, including $3.9MM to its UK-based parent company. MNP is the bankruptcy trustee.

Dundee Energy Ltd.

Dundee Energy Ltd., a Toronto, Ontario-based oil and natural gas company, filed for bankruptcy on March 29. The company's principal subsidiary, Dundee Energy Limited Partnership, was already subject to insolvency proceedings and a sale of substantially all of the partnership's assets had been completed in November 2018. MNP is the bankruptcy trustee.

Crystal Clear Vision

Crystal Clear Vision, a Toronto, Ontario-based laser eye surgery clinic, filed for bankruptcy on March 29, listing $1.3MM in liabilities, including $885.2M to its US-based parent company, NVision Laser Eye Centres. The company had seen a decline in sales over the past few years, and its parent company advised in early March that it was no longer willing to fund the losses. Fuller Landau is the bankruptcy trustee.

Wow Air

Wow Air, an Iceland-based airline carrier company that specialized in ultra-cheap flights between North America and Europe, was deemed bankrupt on March 28 by the Icelandic court and ceased operations, leaving thousands of customers stranded or out-of-pocket for future flights. On May 13, the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) appointed PwC as claims adjudicator of the claims submitted to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents, a financial protection plan administered by the OPC that protects customers who purchased services through licensed travel agencies in Quebec.

Kel’s Electrical Contracting

Kel's Electrical Contracting, an Edmonton, Alberta-based full-service electrical company, filed for bankruptcy on March 21, listing approximately $663.3MM in liabilities, including $244.0M to Eecol Electric. Bowra Group is the bankruptcy trustee.

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