Managing the Coming Wave of Loan Defaults

Over $16.5 billion has been set aside since March by Canada’s six largest banks to cover credit losses. While we haven’t yet seen the wave of corporate loan defaults and insolvency filings, it is on the horizon and bankers and restructuring professionals need to be prepared. Join us for a valuable half-hour discussion in which our expert panel will share valuable information for bankers, trustees, insolvency lawyers and other restructuring professionals.

Russell French and the 100-page look-see

Affectionately referred to by his colleagues as the "Starbucks Princess" for his complex coffee orders, Russell is the highly talented and highly respected leader of BDC's restructuring group in Ontario and Eastern Canada. He shares with us how he got into the restructuring industry and his transition to working at a bank.

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

msi Spergel inc. is looking for a Licensed Insolvency Trustee with CCAA and large file restructuring experience to join its commercial insolvency practice in Toronto.

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